Blackisbeautiful pergamon - 1979

With “Pergamon / 1979” BlackIsBeautiful is releasing their second Single on 200 Records. Pergamon is a wonderful dreamy epic work with strings and a gorgeous piano. Cologne’s new talent Henson has done a great remixes of this track. 1979 is a funkier track, which reminds us on former Metro Area tracks. “Vesica Piscis” and “Epiphanie” show two facets of the colourful BlackIsBeautiful sound spectrum.

OUR HOUSE MAGAZINE say: "Einmusik really delivers here with his remix on the latest track from BlackIsBeautiful which is release number 4 on the “200″ label. A real old school vibe, with a deep soul that takes you back to the early mornings back in the day. Nice punchy percussion throughout and the piano & subtle strings that every underground floor will respond to with respect. A truely beautiful, well produced piece of music."

BlackIsBeautiful Pergamon - 1979BlackIsBeautiful Pergamon - 1979BlackIsBeautiful Pergamon - 1979BlackIsBeautiful Pergamon - 1979